The volunteer boards, commissions and committees provide the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners with an important source of community input, expertise and diverse points of view. These boards, committees, and commissions involve individuals who are involved in and committed to a strong county government. Every effort is made to ensure that the selected individuals reflect the changing character of the County. The following boards are available for citizen participation:

Board of Registration5 Members2 Year Terms
Carrizozo Health Center Advisory Board6 Members2 Year Terms
Ruidoso Extraterritorial Zoning Commission3 Members1 Year Terms
Ruidoso Downs Extraterritorial
Zoning Commission
4 Members1 Year Terms
Labor Management Relations Board3 Members1 Year Terms
Lincoln Historic Preservation Board5 Members2 Year Terms
Lodger's Tax Committee5 Members2 Year Terms
Planning Commission7 Members2 Year Terms
Predatory Animal Control Board6 Members5 Year Terms
Property Tax Protest Board2 Members2 Year Terms
Public Land Use and Rural Affairs Advisory Committee7 Members4 Year Terms
Road Review Committee5 Members2 Year Terms
Senior Citizens Olympic Committee5 Members2 Year Terms
Water Research & Conservation Committee8 Members2 Year Terms

Membership & Diversity

In order to present balanced points of view, membership in our committees should reflect a cross-section of citizens who are registered voters of Lincoln County and who may be technical experts as appropriate to the nature and function of the committee, commission, or board. Additionally, in order to provide for more diversity and opportunity, individuals should serve on only one committee, commission or board at a time. The Board of County Commissioners may waive this general practice, but must consider fairness to other volunteers, diversity of background and professions, relevant experience and expertise and geographic balance in their appointments. The County Commissioners may require very specific subject matter expertise or credentials and in some cases, a position may remain vacant for some period of time to obtain this narrowly-defined appointment.

To Apply

The standard application procedure for commission,committee or board membership requires submission of a letter of interest and an accompanying resume addressed to a member of the Board of County Commissioners or the County Manager at PO BOX 711, Carrizozo, NM 88301. Applications may also be sent by fax to 575-648-4182 or email to The letter should indicate the name of the commission, committee or board that the individual is volunteering for and a statement of the particular desire to serve. The resume should contain a home address, current phone numbers, and a clear statement of current employment or an indication of being retired. Applicants should state the talents and expertise that they would bring to the particular appointment. The County Manager will maintain a standing list of volunteers for the consideration of the Board of County Commissioners. A standing list will assist County Commissioners in filling vacancies more quickly.

 General Operating Procedures of Boards, Committees & Commissions