Statement from the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office:

Candidates for Office Using Proper Nominating Petition Forms

The New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office is committed to providing the most helpful and practical information for candidates seeking public office. This webpage is intended to provide an update on the process of utilizing official nominating petition forms from our Office for use during elections in 2022.

One of the first steps candidates take to get on the ballot is gathering signatures on petition forms from registered voters in their district. This year, however, the petition forms our Office publishes for use by candidates seeking a districted office, which must be used by candidates when gathering signatures, will be delayed due to the delay in Census data being received from the federal government and redistricting (NMSA 1-3-13G).

District boundaries will be redrawn by the legislature using Census data later in 2021, most likely in December. Receipt of valid signatures on a petition form are based on the official district boundaries set by the legislature and, by law, our office cannot publish those forms for districted offices until the legislature has completed its work.

In order to ensure that candidates are collecting valid signatures from the proper district, it is essential that districted office candidates use only the forms published by our Office. While we cannot provide an exact timeline at this point, we anticipate publishing the official nominating petition forms for districted offices during January 2022.

Approved nominating petition forms for statewide/non-districted offices will still be made available by our Office on October 1, 2021. These can be obtained by contacting our Office or by downloading them from our website.

We encourage candidates or their representatives to contact our Office with any questions about this process.