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Dates to Remember:

Candidate Filing Day: August 27, 2019

Absentee Voting begins: October 8, 2019

Local Election Day: November 5, 2019


Regular Local Election Voter References:

Local Election Act Information

The Local Election Act was passed and signed by the Governor in 2018. The Local Election Act consolidates all non-partisan elections held within a county to one election day in November of the odd numbered years and provides a uniform process for the conduct of the election. In addition, HB 407 was signed April 3, 2019, which provides additional revisions to the Local Election Act.

Two new statewide elections were created under the Local Election Act:

  • Regular Local Election: held every November of the odd-numbered years.
  • Municipal Officer’s Election: held every March of even-numbered years.

In addition, all Special Local Elections will be conducted pursuant to the provisions of the Special Election Act.

Below is a timeline of the upcoming Regular Local Election and Municipal Officer Election.