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The Planning Department is dedicated to serving Lincoln County with land use planning, development coordination, local zoning regulation administration, promotion of comprehensive and smart growth concepts and special project management in order to enhance the quality of life and economic vitality of Lincoln County.

Explaining Smart Growth

Did you know that most of New Mexico’s planning and zoning laws are based upon laws drawn up in the 1920’s? I think the world has changed somewhat since Herbert Hoover (who actually authored some of these) was our Secretary of Commerce. New Mexico faces many planning challenges and if we interpret our State Motto literally as “It grows as it goes” then say goodbye to your beloved Land of Enchantment when we increase by another 600,000 citizens between now and 2025. If you savor the idea that we should look like every other place and loose our uniqueness to development solutions crafted elsewhere to satisfy someone else’s bottom line, then you are not in favor of smart growth, and there is no need to read any further. As for sprawl at the edges of our cities, let’s just paraphrase Justice Potter Stewart who would have said, “I know it when I see it,” and frankly, most of us not only dislike it, but even understand that as the only model for growth it will lead to ugly public budgets as well as ugly views.

There is broad consensus in our society that land use and development should be controlled. When imposing requirements on a project it is always important that there be a balance between respecting private property rights and providing for the public good. By and large, planning commissions and staff are very careful to require changes to a plan that are based upon the community’s plans. Smart growth espouses that there are many ways to create communities and that how land is used is integral to long-term sustainability for communities and society. It fully acknowledges markets and capitalism. It has evolved over the past decade as a tool kit to address problems posed by trends in land use that have not been addressed. Smart growth acknowledges that growth will happen but that choices to direct that growth need to be community choices. It does not abrogate affordable housing, good jobs or the quality of life.

The only “agenda” behind smart growth or “growing smart” as it is called by the American Planning Association, is that a variety of land use planning approaches will provide us with more choices to make better decisions in the short and long-term. Smart growth means different things to different people but there is some consensus emerging that is supported by people from most of the mainstream of our society – from builders and developers to environmentalists (not that these have to be mutually exclusive). I would suggest that anyone wishing to get a grasp of what smart growth is do a bit of web browsing to replace polemics with specifics. For example, maybe you’d like check out the wealth of perspectives and information about smart growth at www.planning.org where I guarantee you won’t find any easy answers, but you will find that this isn’t about slogans.

Planning is about being pro-active and providing intelligent options to confront and manage change.

Why Plan?