Ms. Toni Foligno

Chief Procurement Officer

575-648-2385 ext. 105

The principle objective of the Lincoln County Purchasing Office is to acquire goods and services at fair and reasonable prices. The Purchasing Office makes every effort to reach this goal by supporting competitive purchasing from vendors through Invitation for Bids (IFBs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs). At this web site you can view and download current bid and proposal packages open for competitive offers. We encourage your participation in the competitive acquisition process and are available to answer any questions you may have about doing business with Lincoln County.

Forms Required by All Vendors

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DescriptionInvitation for Bids #IFB
Request for Proposals #RFP
Bid DueAwarded To
RFP #20-21-006
Legal Services for the County Addendum #1
RFP 20-21-006 Addendum #112/8/20 by 2:00 pmAlan P. Morel PC
Legal Services for The County of Lincoln
RFP 20-21-006
RFP 20-21-006 Legal Services for LC12/08/20 at 2:00pmAlan P. Morel, PC
Juniper Springs Road-Reconstruction (chipseal) Rebid of IFP 19-20-003 (rebid in 21-20IFB 19-20-003-RB_Project Manual_Juniper Springs Rd
Juniper_Springs-Eng. Plans Signed_8.25.2020
09/14/2020 @ 10:00 am Mesa Verde Construction
HVAC Maintenance Services RFP 201-21-005
Addendum 1
RFP #20-21-005HVACsvsADDENDUM 1 RFP 20-21-0059/14/2020 2:00 pm extended from 09/02/2020 at 2:00 pmVentura Plumbing Heating & Cooling
Plumbing Maintenance Services RFP 201-21-004
Addendum 1
RFP #20-21-004 PlumbingSvsADDENDUM 1 RFP 20-21-004.docx9/14/2020 2:00 pm extended from 09/02/2020 at 2:00 pmVentura Plumbing Heating & Cooling
Electrical Maintenance Services RFP 20-21-003
Addendum 1
RFP#20-21-003 Electrical ServicesAddendum 1 RFP 20-21-0039/14/2020 2:00 pm extended from 09/02/2020 at 2:00 pmThe Aisling Company aka Aisling Construction
Buck Mountain Communications Tower RFP 20-21-002
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
RFP#20-21-002 BuckTower-CorrectedRFP 20-21-002 Buck Tower ADDENDUM 1RFP 20-21-002 BuckTower ADDENDUM 209/8/2020 at 2:00 p.m.
changed from 8/10/20 at 2:00 p.m.
Greene Crane & Rigging
Banking Services for the County of Lincoln RFP 20-21-001RFP20-21-001 Banking Svs07/01/20First National Bank
New Hondo Senior Citizens CenterIFB 19-20-004 HONDO SR. CTR. BID PCKG.
IFB 19-20-004_Project Manual Part 1_New Hondo Sr Ctr
IFB 19-20-004_Project Manual Part 2_New Hondo Sr Ctr
4/30/20White Sands Construction, Inc.
New Hondo Citizens CenterAddendum 1 (4)4/30/20White Sands Construction
New Hondo Senior Citizens CenterAddendum 2 (1)4/30/20White Sands Construction
Chipseal Juniper SpringsIFB 19-20-003_Project Manual_Juniper Springs Rd4/23/20 Rebid to 9/14/2020@ 10:00 amNA-Rebid
Chipseal Juniper SpringsAddendum 1Bid Cancellation4/23/20 Rebid to 9/14/2020@ 10:00 amNA-Rebid
Ruidoso Downs Senior Center RenovationsRFP 19-20-002ADDENDUM 12/11/20Billy Roach Renovations
Independent Contractor Services for Misdemeanor Compliance ProgramRFP 19-20-001 Addendum 110/14/19Kenneth Vega
Operation of the Lincoln County Detention CenterRFP 18-19-008 ADDENDUM NO 16/3/19Correctional Solutions Group, LLC
New Hondo Senior Citizen CenterLincoln County RFP_for_Design_Professional_Services_ 2019 II3/28/19Pettigrew & Associates
Abatement ServicesRFP 18-19-0063/12/19Grancor Environmental
Sun Valley Fire StationRFP 18-19-0052/14/19Roper Construction, Inc.
Building Commissioning ServicesRFP 18-19-00410/12/18MEP Commissioning, Inc.
Annual Base Course SupplyBid 18-19-0038/14/18Roper Construction, Inc.
Electrical Acceptance Testing and Electrical CommissioningRFP 18-19-0027/16/18Electrical Reliability Services, Inc.
Special Testing and InspectionsRFP 18-19-0017/10/18Terracon Consultants, Inc.
Material Testing and InspectionsRFP 17-18-0065/17/18No award firms did not meet requirements
Annual Base Course SupplyBid 17-18-0055/14/18No Award firms did not meet requirements
Lincoln County Courthouse and New Horizons Parking LotsIFB 17-18-004
Addendum 1
Addendum 2<a href="
3/15/18Star Paving Company
Portable Tower TrailerRFP 17-18-0033/15/18Integrated Tower Systems
Lincoln County Medical Center Replacement Hospital ProjectRFP 17-18-002 - LCMC Replacement Hospital Project02/28/18Jaynes Corporation
Hondo Fire StationIFB #17-18-00112/14/17Roper Construction Inc.
Inmate MedicationsIFB 16-17-0105/12/17Clinical Solutions, LLC
Annual Base Course SupplyIFB 16-17-0095/12/17Affregate Technologies, LLC
Operation Of The Lincoln County Detention CenterRFP 16-17-0085/9/17LaSalle Corrections LLC
Contracting for Audit ServicesRFP 16-17-0075/12/17Kubiak, Melton & Associates
Deep Asphalt Pavement Patching on Gavilan Canyon RoadBid 16-17-0064/12/17Constructors, Inc.
Legal Services for the County of LincolnRFP 16-17-005
Commodity Code #96149
12/13/16Alan P. Morel, P.A.
Pick Up Slash Piles for Lincoln CountyBid 16-17-004
Commodity Code #94092
9/26/16Sierra Contracting, Inc.
On-Call Engineering, Surveying and Envirnonmental ServicesRFP 16-17-003
Commodity Code #902533, 902535, 902586
9/13/16Pettigrew & Associates PA
Purchase Metal Building for Hondo VFDRFP 16-17-002
Commodity Code #96762
8/15/16Steel Depot
Banking Services for the County of LincolnRFP 16-17-001
Commodity Code #94625
7/12/16First National Bank of Ruidoso
Plumbing Maintenance ServicesRFP 15-16-0146/27/16Yearout Service, LLC
Electrical Maintenance ServicesRFP 15-16-0136/27/16Rideout's Electrical Worx
Heating and Air Conditioning & Preventive Maintenance ServicesRFP 15-16-0126/27/16Yearout Service, LLC
Janitoria Services
Lincoln County Courthouse Complex
IFB 15-16-0071/19/16 Kleen-Tech Services Corp.
Environmental Consultant ServicesRFP 15-16-0115/12/16SZ Enterprises, LLC
Deep Asphalt Pavement Patching on Gavilan Canyon RoadIFB 15-16-0104/18/16Mesa Verde Enterprises, Inc.
Chip Seal Paintbrush Court, Woodpine Court, Stag Loop and Musketball DriveIFB 15-16-0094/18/16Mesa Verde Enterprises, Inc.
Chip Seal Cora Dutton RoadAddendum
IFB 15-16-008
4/18/16Mesa Verde Enterprises, Inc.
Resurface Cedar Creek IIIFB 15-16-0061/19/16 Golden Equipment Co.
Emergency On Call ContractorsIFB 15-16-0051/19/16 Ruidoso Sand & Gravel: Delivered & Pick Up

Mesa Verde Enterprises: Pick Up
Resurfacing Cedar Creek RoadIFB 15-16-00412/8/15 Bid Rejected by Commissioners/Re-Bid
RFP #20-21-002 Buck Tower