Recording Documents

Recording Documents

Documents recorded in the office of the County Clerk are public records, subject to inspection and disclosure.


The County Clerk’s office records deeds, mortgages, leases and other real estate documents. Any legal document can be filed in the Clerk’s Office. All documents must be original and signed by all pertinent parties and notarized.

  1. Property must be identified with Grantor (seller) and Grantee (buyer). On Deeds, grantor must sign document.
  2. A complete legal description is required for transfer of property. Street addresses will not be accepted without legal description.
  3. All documents should have a minimal 1 1/2 margin at top and bottom for recording, and the documents should be properly titled such as “Warranty Deed” or “Lien”
  4. Provide grantee’s mailing address for property tax records.
  5. Notary information must be complete. Signature, date, seal, and expiration date is required.
  6. Documents received after 4:00 p.m. are recorded the next regular business day.

Death Certificates not accepted for recording.

Please record an Affidavit of Fact as to Death in lieu of a Death Certificate. Death Certificates may not be copied or reproduced as per State Statute. In addition, information provided on Death Certificates must be redacted due to State Statute related to protected Personnel information.

Mining Documents

See attached schedule for recording fees.

Mining documents that do not have the correct fees and are not properly notarized with ALL the required Notary information including a properly completed Notary block (State, County, Commission Date, etc) will be returned.

If you have questions related to which documents are required to be filed with the County Clerk, please call the New Mexico Bureau of Land Management at (505) 954-2000.

Documents filed in the Clerk’s office are by grantor and/or grantee. Copies of these records are available for a nominal fee. Subdivision maps are filed and indexed and are available for viewing. Copies are available for a nominal fee.

The County Clerk’s staff are not bonded to conduct real estate searches. However, on request, the Clerk’s staff will instruct persons on how to perform real estate title searches and/or refer them to a title company. The Clerk’s office will not assume liability for searches conducted by others.


The Lincoln County Assessor’s Office maintains property files by legal description or street address. For information by property description contact the assessor’s office.
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