Emergency Services

Joe Kenmore

Emergency Services Director

cell 575-808-1381
fax 575-336-8638

The Office of Emergency Services (OES) is charged with coordinating several emergency management and public safety programs within Lincoln County.

Current Conditions

For more information on the long range burning forecast or to identify potentially favorable dates for open burning call Lincoln County Emergency Services Director, Joe Kenmore at 575-808-1381.

Notify Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 800-687-2419 of any intent to burn and to verify open burning status.

This program focuses on coordinating county government’s response to natural, technological and human conflict emergencies and disasters. The primary management focus is on preparedness for, mitigation of, response to, and recovery from major emergencies and disasters.

  • Identification, assessment, and analysis of all hazards and risks
  • Development of preparedness, readiness and mitigation strategies for the county.
  • Development of all-hazard emergency management plans and documents.
  • Creation and presentation of community emergency preparedness programs and dissemination of preparedness information to the public.
  • Development and presentation of emergency management training programs for county and allied government agencies.
  • Development and presentation of inter-jurisdictional emergency management exercises and drills.
  • Coordination of inter-jurisdictional emergency management exercises and drills.
  • Management of all county and allied agency emergency activities in response to real or threatened disasters.
  • Development, maintenance, and operation of the county Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during periods of disaster.
  • Coordination of county Warning and Emergency Public Information (WEPI) activities.

Fire Services Coordination

his program is responsible for the coordination of fire protection services and administration of all volunteer fire departments serving the unincorporated areas of Lincoln County.

Collectively, the county volunteer fire services consist of the following:

  • Seven (7) volunteer fire districts
  • Thirteen (13) fire stations
  • Sixty-two (62) pieces of fire apparatus and support vehicles
  • 150 dedicated volunteer firefighters

Program Activities will include:

  • Development and enforcement of uniform fire service standards and protocols for all county volunteer fire departments.
  • Coordination of fire training activities.
  • Response to and incident command assistance at major fires and other emergencies.
  • Development and maintenance of uniform fire station, apparatus, and equipment standards.
  • Development of countywide fire mitigation standards.
  • Presentation of community fire prevention education and preparedness programs.
  • Coordination and administration of automatic and mutual aid fire response agreements.
  • Function as designated county liaison with the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Homeland Security / Domestic Preparedness

Actually a sub-component of the broader emergency management function, the Homeland Security/Domestic Preparedness program serves as the inter-jurisdictional coordinating office for an inter-jurisdictional Homeland Security preparedness effort involving the county and all five municipalities.

Specific program activities include:

  • Coordinated development of an inter-jurisdictional Homeland Security plan.
  • Administration of grand funding under the Office of Domestic Preparedness Homeland Security Equipment Grant program.
  • Coordinated development and presentation of Homeland Security training.
  • Coordinated development and presentation of inter-jurisdictional Homeland Security response exercises and drills

County Loss Prevention / Safety Coordination

In addition to the more public preparedness functions provided, the Office of Emergency Services is also tasked with coordinating the county’s loss prevention and safety program.


The Office of Emergency Services works closely with a host of government, public service and community organizations within Lincoln County to coordinate all established programs.

Local Government Agencies
  • Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office
  • Lincoln County Emergency Medical Services
  • Village of Capitan
  • Town of Carrizozo
  • Village of Corona
  • Village of Ruidoso
  • City of Ruidoso Downs
State Agencies
  • New Mexico Forestry Division
  • New Mexico Department of Health
  • New Mexico Office of Medical Investigator (OMI)
  • New Mexico Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
  • New Mexico State Police
Federal Agencies
  • Department of Agriculture, Unites States Forest Service
  • Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management
  • Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency
Public Service Organizations
  • American Red Cross
  • Amateur Radio