Human Resources

Scott Annala

Indigent Health Care Administrator

fax 575-258-1410

The Lincoln County Indigent Health Care Fund was established in 2000 as per State Statute 27-5-1, NMSA 1978, and is currently administered in accordance with Lincoln County Ordinance 2008-03. The fund provides assistance for the payment of medical expenses incurred by individuals who fall under the guidelines of Ordinance 2008-03 and who have medical expenses arising out of emergency or life threatening circumstances. Ordinance 2008-03 defines eligibility requirements and the limitations of assistance available. A copy of Ordinance 2008-03 is available through this web site.

Only providers who are contracted with Lincoln County are eligible for payment. A list of current contract providers is available through this web site. New providers may request addition to the Provider List by contacting the IHC Administrator.

Applications for assistance are available from Providers and must be made within 90 days of the date of service. Providers do initial screening and then forward applications to the IHC Administrator for processing. All applicants must provide requested documentation and complete an interview with the IHC Administrator before claims may be processed.