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Solid Waste

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Lincoln County Solid Waste would like to take the time to let you know that there will be a new Solid Waste service provider beginning November 24, 2023.  We are excited to announce that Universal Waste Systems, Inc. will not only be providing the pickup services for Lincoln County customers, but they will also be providing the billing and customer support to fulfill your requirements of Lincoln County Ordinance 2024-01 in reference to the mandatory Solid Waste fees.  You will start receiving information from them directly in the very near future.  They can also be reached at their Customer Service line: (575) 208-5837.

Regarding the billing with Universal Waste Systems, Inc., you will notice that your account will not reflect your current balance with Lincoln County Solid Waste.  All outstanding balances with the County will remain in effect and we urge you to make any necessary payments by December 31, 2023, to avoid any further collection efforts.  We welcome you to call 575-258-8533 or visit our office at 109 Kansas City Rd. in Ruidoso to discuss your billing options and how we can help you. 

We are looking forward to the level of service and customer support that Universal Waste Systems Inc. will provide to our customers & the many visitors to our beautiful county.  

SW increase letter

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Lincoln County Solid Waste

109 Kansas City Rd
Ruidoso, NM 88345
Solid Waste Billing Office
(575) 258-8533
EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2023: On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the Board of County Commissioners voted and passed Resolution 2023-58 Repealing Resolution 2016-17: a Resolution Setting Fees to be Charged by Lincoln County in the Provision of Solid Waste Collection Services, Pursuant to Lincoln County Solid Waste Ordinance 2020-04.
                                                                           **Polycart Service: 1 - $26.67/monthly; $80/quarterly
                                                     **Polycart Service: 2+ - $13.33/monthly$40/quarterly
                      **Residential Service (Dumpster/Compactor Usage): $25.00/monthly; $75.00/quarterly

Residential Garbage Collection:

Lincoln County Solid Waste has contracted with Universal Waste Systems, Inc. beginning November 24, 2023 for the pickup and disposal of solid waste for residents outside of the municipalities of Lincoln County. Most dumpsters and compactors will remain in their same locations.

Do not put the following items in your garbage: (This includes poly-carts, trash compactors and trash dumpsters.)

  • Computers and TVs
  • Motor Oil
  • Hazardous Waste including Paint
  • Needles or syringes
  • Yard Waste
  • Loose or hot ashes
  • Animal Carcasses
  • Non bagged packing pellets or sawdust
  • Concrete, rocks, dirt, or other heavy/bulky items
  • Always bag cat litter and animal waste

Poly Cart Guidelines

  • Poly- cart customers in Palo Verde subdivision will be picked up on Monday mornings after 8:00 a.m. Poly- cart customers in Ranches of Ruidoso Valley Estates will be picked up after 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday mornings.
  • All poly-carts must set on the edge of the roadway on flat level ground with the front of the poly-cart facing the road. (lid opening is the front) The lid must be unlatched for the truck to empty.
  • Poly-cart lid must be closed.
  • Do not place poly-cart within six (6) feet of another poly-cart, a fence, telephone pole, power line poles or any other standing structures.
  • Do not place poly-cart under any electrical lines or overhangs. Do not place poly-carts in ditches or trenches.
  • If you are unsure of the proper location for poly-cart placement, please call Lincoln County Solid Waste and we can have the proper location marked for you.
  • If any trash other than bagged household garbage is in the poly-cart, (i.e. yard waste, wood products, dirt, toxic or hazardous waste, etc.….) the poly-cart will not be emptied.
  • Only household trash that is bagged and inside the poly-cart will be picked up. Any bagged or non-bagged trash outside, on top of, or that has fallen out of poly-cart will not be picked up.
  • After your poly-cart is emptied you need to secure it on your premises.
  • No liquids such as paint and motor oil should be in the poly-cart.

If a replacement or additional poly-cart is needed, please contact the office.

Green waste and bulky household waste disposal is included in your solid waste package at NO additional charge.

Customers have the option of self-haul or a contracted haul deliverer. Contracted haul delivery fees are at the expense of the customer and not Lincoln County Solid Waste. *See list below for a list of contracted haulers.