Meeting Space Reservations

Meeting Space Reservations

The Zia Senior Citizens Centers shall serve as a meeting place to conduct activities which will benefit the senior adult citizens of Lincoln County. Contact the individual centers for more information:

Who May Reserve the Centers

Zia Senior Citizens Centers may be used by educational, civic, cultural and government groups, where no admission is charged, when the facilities are not specifically in use for other Senior Citizens Center activities or scheduled recreation. The exceptions to this policy may be for meetings sponsored by local municipalities or the county.

The Senior Citizens Centers may not be reserved by individuals, commercial groups, or profit-making organizations. Employee groups of commercial firms and profit-making organizations sponsoring an educational program of a non-profit nature will be interpreted as educational groups, however, these groups must refrain from any sales or promotional activities.

The Senior Citizens Centers may not be used for private parties.

Hours of Availability and Reservations

The Senior Citizens Centers may be scheduled for use between 8am and 10pm, Monday through Saturday. Application for reservation can be made by contacting the appropriate Zia Senior Center office at the number listed below during normal office hours 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday. All reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Scheduling of meeting facilities must occur at least one week in advance of any use of the facility. All groups granted permission to utilize the facility are required to provide the Senior Center office with the name, address and telephone number of its representative. That representative shall be responsible for dealing directly with the Senior Center office staff and shall notify the Senior Center office immediately if the group decides to cancel its reservation. The organizations representative shall sign a form confirming the date reserved and acknowledge receipt of the Rules and Regulations. Any deposit required shall be paid at the time the reservation is made.

Deposit is refundable if cancellation is made at least 24 hours in advance of the time for which the facility is reserved.

Fees and Deposits

There will be no fee for Senior Center facility use during normal business hours.

Groups that utilize the Senior Center after normal business hours shall be required to pay a damage deposit of $25.

If Senior Center staff is required, at the discretion of the center manager, to be present for after-hours use of the Senior Center, there will be a fee of $25 per hour, in addition to the deposit fee. If Senior Center staff is not required to be present during any after-hours meeting, there will be a $10 charge, in addition to the deposit fee, to cover the cost of utilities.

After any one group has utilized the facility at least four times without damage to the premises, the $25 damage deposit will be waived. There will, however, still be a $10 charge to cover the cost of utilities.

Damage deposits will be returned once the facility has been determined, at the sole discretion of the center manager, to be in a clean and satisfactory condition.


Zia Senior Centers and Lincoln County shall not be responsible for any loss to personal property from fire, theft, vandalism, water or from any cause whatsoever, nor for personal injuries sustained on the premises. All persons and organizations utilizing the Senior Center facilities shall adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the centers.

Rules and Regulations

  1. A representative from each organization shall sign a form which confirms the date and time requested and acknowledging receipt of a copy of these Rules and Regulations.
  2. Requirements for special event insurance will be handled by the center manager on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Any reservation shall be held for 30 minutes after the reservation booking time. After a 30 minute grace period, the facility will be closed or the room may be used for another activity.
  4. There will be a limited number of chairs and tables set up in the individual meeting rooms. If additional chairs and tables are required, the organization that has reserved the Senior Center will be responsible for set up.
  5. The Senior Center shall be left in the same condition or better as before occupancy and use, including return of additional chairs and tables to their original location.
  6. Lincoln County prohibits alcohol and smoking inside the Senior Center facilities. Smoking is allowed on the grounds unless otherwise restricted.
  7. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  8. The organization utilizing the Senior Center is financially responsible for any and all damage to the facility.

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