Elections & Voting Information

Elections & Voting Information

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Election News

The Legislators passed and the Governor signed HB 98 the Local Election Act which became effective July 1, 2018.   The intent of this legislation is to consolidate all non-partisan elections held within a county to one election day in November of the odd numbered years and to provide a uniform process for the conduct of the election. The legislation encompasses school districts, special hospital districts, arroyo flood control districts, special zoning districts, soil and water conservation districts, water and sanitation districts as well as municipalities who chose to opt into the process.

The Legislators also passed, and the Governor signed HB 407 the Election Laws 50-year Tune-up on April 3, 2019. This bill provides substantive and pro forma changes to many sections of the Election code.

The Legislators also passed, and the Governor signed SB4 during the Special Session in 2020. This bill enacts a new section of the Election Code (Section 1-12-72 NMSA 1978)

including provisions related to conducting the general election on November 3, 2020, under a continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Senate Bill SB4


Election Information

Primary Elections are held the first (1st) Tuesday, after the first (1st) Monday, in June, every even numbered year. General Elections are held the first (1st) Tuesday after the first (1st) Monday in November, every even numbered year.

In Primary Elections, you must be affiliated with one of the major political parties to be eligible to vote. If you are affiliated with a Minor Party or Declined to State, you are not eligible to vote in the Primary Election. Everyone who is registered to vote is eligible to vote in the General Election and can vote for anyone of their choosing, within their districts. In other elections, those being schools, city, etc., you may or may not be able to vote for any candidate depending on the district in which you live and are registered to vote. You should always contact the County Clerk’s Office if you have any questions regarding eligibility.

For Primary and General Elections, you may begin viewing the unofficial election returns on election day after 7:00 PM by going to the Secretary of State’s web site and following the instructions to access the election results for Lincoln County at: http://www.sos.state.nm.us/Elections_Data/


School District Elections

Lincoln County Consists of five school districts and one Community College District: Corona Municipal School District; Carrizozo Municipal School District; Capitan Municipal School District; Hondo Valley Public School District; Ruidoso Municipal School District; and Eastern New Mexico University-Ruidoso Branch Community College.

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Municipal Elections

Lincoln County consists of five municipalities, four of which have chosen to opt into the Local Election Act process.

Municipalities that have chosen to opt into the Local Election Act include Village of Corona; Town of Carrizozo; Village of Capitan; and the City of Ruidoso Downs.

The Village of Ruidoso has not opted into the Local Election Act. 

For more information concerning a municipal election, please contact the Clerk in that Municipality.

  • Click here for: Municipal Clerk Contact Information
  • 2020 Municipal Officers Election Voter References

Absentee & Early Voting

Voters may cast an absentee ballot or vote in person at the County Clerk’s Office or an early voting location prior to Election Day.

Election Maps


Further Information

For further information regarding elections, you may contact the Lincoln County Clerk’s Office at 575-648-2394 ext.127 or the New Mexico Secretary of State web site at http://www.sos.state.nm.us
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